“I believe music has a healing power, it can show people an external place outside themselves, where they find happiness, humanity, and love. It touches all of us. No matter who we are, music was meant to connect us all”. - Omer Adam

Omer Adam– Israel's most successful singer of all time, with over 1.4 million views collectively on YouTube, and the most listened singer in Israel for the past four consecutive years on Spotify and Apple, reaching millions of streams. No other Israeli artist has ever achieved such numbers.

This same applies to his concerts –tickets are sold-out within minutes, creating an endless demand.

Ever since his big break at a young age, Omer completely transformed Israel’s music industry, leading a whole new Mediterranean pop genre and continuously breaking records for over a decade, to this day.

In the Summer of 2019, he made history being the first and only Israeli artist to Sell Out the “Yarkon Stadium”- the largest concert stadium in Israel, reserved exclusively for international performers until that point, selling no less than fifty thousand tickets within minutes.

At the age of only 28, each of Omer’s new released songs became an over-night hit, reaching number one on all charts, receiving praises and positive reviews.

Omer is best known for his virtuosity as an artist, making it possible for fans of all ages, genders, religions and sectors to love him.

Recently, he collaborated with Nicky Jam in an international hit and with The Gypsy King by Andrea Reis, continuing the collaborations into 2022, as he’s about to release a brand-new song with the French artist KANDJI, a step toward an international career, which will include massive world tours around the US, Europe, Dubai etc.

During the last few years, Omer has entered the business world and built an impressive business empire, after investing in many areas such as real-estate and high-tech. Omer also owns a successful eyewear brand and is a partner in international start-up companies.

Omer Adam (28) was born in North Carolina, USA during his father's service in the special forces. He returned to Israel at the age of 3 and was raised in a Tel-Aviv suburb.

Since the age of 16, when he dropped out of the singing reality show “A Star is Born”, he has successfully broken every record ever known in the Israeli music industry.

He has launched ten albums and many mini-albums hundreds of singles with millions views dozens highly invested music videos filmed in Israel, Miami, Los Angeles and Dubai. sold thousands tickets to concerts world-wide often surprising the audience guest appearances by leading preforming artists. been breaking all Spotif, Apple streaming records for years strengthening his position as an award-winning artist.